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Good News Ministries Online School of Evangelization

A message from Charlie & Jeanne Osburn, Founders of Apostolic Society Good News of Divine Mercy in Pensacola, Florida.

Praise the lord all of you unique, one of a kind, original masterpiece, son or daughter of the most high God, created in his likeness and image. There will never be another like you! No one can do the work that God has called you to do.

We welcome you to the online School of Evangelization. Please follow the instructions below to get started. Now please view the video below to watch the introduction to this online school.

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Please watch our Introduction video below and then proceed onto the online classes. It is not necessary to hear from us, you may begin the school immediately.



Lesson 1 - Reading Scripture as the Word of God
Lesson 2 - The Beginning (Genesis)
Lesson 3 - The Nicene Creed
Lesson 4 - God is Love
Lesson 5 - The Power of Reconciliation
Lesson 6 - The Key is Understanding
Lesson 7 - The Sermon on the Mount
Lesson 8 - The Three Toughest Things
Lesson 9 - Spirit and Life
Lesson 10 - Evangelization in The Modern World
Lesson 11 - Effective Prayer
Lesson 12 - Understanding the End Times
Lesson 13 - The Law vs Mercy and Grace
Lesson 14 - The Rich Young Ruler
Lesson 15 - Revelations Part I
Lesson 16 - Revelations Part II
Lesson 17 - Revelations Part III